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Bullet Camera Lenses
bullet camera lens
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Replacement Inner Lens for Bullet Camera

All of our bullet cameras are supplied with a 3.6mm lens as standard. This is quite a wide angle lens and we fit this as standard because most customers prefer this wide angle.

You can change the angle of view on your bullet camera quite easily by changing the inner lens. The bigger the lens you put in your bullet camera, the more zoomed in the picture will be.

Lenses available:

  • 2.9mm 103° angle of view. (extra wide angle)
  • 3.6mm 82 ° angle of view. (wide angle fitted as standard)
  • 6mm 65° angle of view
  • 8mm 47° angle of view. (equivalent to normal camcorder)
  • 12mm 24° angle of view.
  • 16mm 15° angle of view.

Changing the lens on your bullet camera is easy enough. Remove the outer lens and you will find the inner lens is held in place with a grub screw. It's best to do this with your camera plugged in to a screen so you can focus it accurately. These fit our lipstick camera lenses. Please ask us if you have purchased your lipstick camera from another supplier, we might have lenses in stock to fit your camera.

These lenses can't be used with the POV.1 system.

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ND lens filter pack
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Neutral Density Lens Filter Pack

When filming on sunny days you can use these filter lens packs to restrict the amount of sunlight striking the CCD. The HQ1 bullet camera is already an excellent performer in bright conditions and these filters will give you an extra edge for the most professional looking video shot with your helmet camera. These lenses will fit this HQ1 bullet camera only.. This pack also includes a spare clear lens for your camera.

A small T Wrench tool is also supplied to help you replace the lenses in your bullet cam.

The pack contains five filters with 100% (clear glass), 80%, 50%, 30% and 10% levels. Filters can't be sold separately.

Please note: These will NOT be compatible with other manufacturer's bullet cameras.


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camera lens cap
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Protective Lens Cap

All of our bullet cameras are supplied with protective lens caps for protecting the camera when not in use. We find your camera lens is most likely to get damaged when not in use.

If you lose your lens cap then you can replace it with this one.


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